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RasterMaster® SDK

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We offer a variety of flexible pricing options to meet your specific needs including perpetual, subscription and OEM pricing models.

To learn more about our licensing and distribution costs, please contact our sales department at 1-617-607-2010 or click here.

VirtualViewer®  Document Viewer Pricing

Starter Kit Option

Our HTML5 Starter Kit* is designed to get your business up-and-running quickly and cost-effectively – enabling you to easily access critical content through virtually any web browser or mobile device.

The Starter Kit is a limited use, limited deployment product configuration intended to be used in a low budget proof of concept project. After a pilot program with the Starter Kit, Snowbound has a variety of options for graduating customers to the full VirtualViewer software.

The Starter Kit is available for multiple platforms and supports a wide variety of file formats including TIFF, PNG, JPEG, DICOM and more. Customers enrolled in the starter program can also easily upgrade the package to support additional formats such as Word, Excel, AFP, DWG and more. If your requirements should change you can easily migrate to the enterprise edition to better suit your growing user base due to the flexible architecture of our web HTML5 document viewer.

Pricing starts at $5,000*

*Please consult Snowbound sales for details.

RasterMaster®  Conversion & Imaging SDK Pricing

Pricing begins at $2,500* plus distribution. We offer a variety of flexible pricing options to meet your specific needs and OEM pricing models.

*Please consult Snowbound sales for details.